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– The Recent Outbreak of Coronavirus COVID-19 – How we can help you

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The recent coronavirus outbreak (COVID-19) has been shaking most countries in the world, including us Australians, we are in constant search of how to protect ourselves from these pandemic virus infections. Since this virus is an infectious disease from person to person, preventive measures are needed to prevent its spread. Kleaning Office & Home has taken initiatives to apply cognitive measures, along with some additional cleaning in all locations, to facilitate virus prevention.


COVID-19 Cleaning

# All corners of the facility are completely vacuumed, so there is no room for dust to reduce virus contamination.

# We guarantee that all tables, chairs and tables are dusted and cleaned with disinfectant.

# Kitchen countertops are disinfected and the floor is cleaned with disinfectant.

# High-touch areas, such as doors, door handles, door handles, light switches, remote controls are cleaned with disinfectant and other areas where people walk and touch are always taken with extra care.

# We also ensure that all employees maintain personal hygiene, such as washing hands and hygiene gestures in public places (sneezing and coughing, etc.). Do not allow anyone to work if someone has symptoms of a cold or flu.

# We use quality cleaning equipment and supplies. Additional hygiene precautions are taken before each cleaning, including new rubber gloves and new cleaning cloths

We already supply cleaning products at no cost, and now we will include a hospital-grade disinfectant in your service at no extra cost – product produced according to the guidelines of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the Protection Agency (EPA). This product has been proven to be effective in eradicating coronavirus from surfaces and is safe for your family and pets.


Disinfect your home and keep your family safe!

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